Starting ’08 off with a Bang


Starting ’08 off with a Bang

Tracy and Sky stopped by CFCV today for a dose of new year fun. We messed with swings and active rest for around 12 minutes or so:Blogentry01022008_007

The idea was to push through the 20 Kettlebell swings followed by 1 minute of "active rest" for a total of 12 minutes. The asterisked active rest moves were mandatory and the remaining 3 or so could be chosen from any of the other moves.

Sky and Tracy at work:Blogentry01022008_003

Faith and Maya offering their support to dad to help him through the "active rest":Blogentry01022008_005

Fun for everyone with the big a$$ tire:Blogentry01022008_008

Later in the day, potential new member Caleb stopped by to check the place out. Hopefully he’ll come taste the Kool-Aid.