Spring Paleo Challenge Announcement


Spring Paleo Challenge Announcement

The next Paleo Challenge for CFCV will commence on April 15th with pictures being taken the entire week (through the 19th). This will be a 30 day challenge with the food logs and eating part starting on April 22nd and ending on May 21st. May 22 through May 24th after pictures will be taken and voting will be done May 28th through May 31st. June 2nd will be the announcement of the winners and post challenge barbecue.

This is a “Paleo Challenge” and participants are encouraged to follow Paleo concepts during the entire 30 day period. This can be done via Whole 30 or whatever program you choose to follow.

This time we are going to divide the groups into newbie and veteran classes. Newbies (including boot campers) are defined as those who have become members since December 15th 2012. Members prior to that obviously will be dubbed veterans. In addition there will be men’s and women’s classes within the newbie and veteran groups.

Judging criteria will be 1 point for each day that a food log is submitted (food logs will be submitted at least weekly, details provided later) and number of votes the individual receives for most improvement between before and after pictures. There will be 1 winner for each category as stated above. Voting will be by all competitors having 1 vote per category and will be by secret ballot. Tie breakers will be judged by the coaching staff. The coaching staff is eligible but must compete in the applicable veteran’s class.

Cost is $20.00 due when pictures are taken and payable in cash only. The pot will be split between winners of each category. There will not be any ties or awards for 2nd place.

More details will follow on this blog soon.