Special Session


Special Session

We were closed today because I was on duty at the FD. But since we are going to the games after all and not leaving til this afternoon, I have decided to hold a special session FGB in celebration of the games (and just cuz I feel like it). We'll roll at noon and all are welcome.

3 Responses

  1. Stacey

    Darn, can’t make the special session. I’ll have to miss those exciting wall balls 😉 Have a great time at the games (like I even needed to say that)!

  2. Ron

    Boy you guys really missed it. Fight gone bad with only three of us, Nicole, Rachael and I. was awesome.

  3. Nicole Gesselman

    Yah kicked my a…WOW! Good workout. It was alot of fun. It has been awhile since I worked out with you. We were all pushing each other to the max. Almost throw up after the last round of wall balls. Good Times