Sorry but Proud


Sorry but Proud

I know several of you have been waiting for a post and as I explained to a few today the last week or so has been crazy for me. Pretty much classes every hour while in the gym and lots of stuff going on at work as well. Again I don't have the link on this computer for the fittest in the Sierra or whatever it's called but I will update with it tomorrow.

A reminder, if you're in the spring leaning challenge tomorrow will be the first food log posting on the Yahoo group. If you haven't become a member yet, it's time. If I haven't sent you an invitation look for CFCVChallenge and you should find the group. Request to be added and I will make it happen. As far as the food log posting, I will post mine first tomorrow after the 9:00 class and then everyone can add theirs as a reply.

The proud part of this posting has to do with how proud I am of all our members at CFCV as well as Nicole, Carrie and Penny. You all work so hard at what you do and everyone has come a long way. I was humbled by the overhead squats I saw today and below are some I caught on pic:


Sorry I didn't catch pics of Carrie's 103 PR and a few others.

The on ramp is coming along nicely. There have been a few that have missed sessions but we;ll make them up. As long as we can get them complete in a reasonable time I'm good with it. After tomorrow there's one week left of this the third of the on ramp programs. We will start another the 2nd week of March if there's enough interest.

Remember Dutch will be here Monday and Tuesday, we need to know if there's interest in workouts at 5:30 on those days and I haven't decided whether we;ll do 6am classes on those days.

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