So Very Thankful


So Very Thankful

to have great members. Today Andrea, Aaron and Erika did a drop in workout. They are from California and are CF members there. They were so impressed with the gym mainly because the people are so nice that they want to return later in the week while they are staying at the Ridge. A big thanks goes out to the 9:00 class for making them feel welcome. They and I very much appreciate that.

So far we've got one taker for the Kids Program. I need 3 more commitments to make the program happen.

I know lots of folks have stuff going on in the summer. Please make sure you're signed up for classes if you are going to be here. I have stuff I need to get done as well and if no one is signed up, there is a good chance I won't be here, nor will I plan on having a coach for the session once I'm back at the FD.

The "statesmen" at work during Cindy:



There will be no 9:00 class tomorrow as I have a physical therapy appt and no other coaches are available to cover the class.


5 Responses

  1. Rachael

    I am SOOOoooo down for the nutritional challenge!! Woo hoo!! I’ll be at girls camp the following week so this could be an even bigger challenge. But I’m not scurred! (scared-for all of ya’ll who aren’t ghetto like me) haha!

  2. Ron

    The only trouble is there doesn’t seem to be any interest besides you and I. So I challenge you maam!

  3. Nicole Gesslman

    Im up for the challenge (I think) but we are camping that weekend….:) Thanks Ron! Misty is sure pushing herself… So proud of her.