After yesterday’s workouts mainly focusing on form and technique, today’s workouts were all about Metcon. And as usual all who participated gave it their all.

Denny and I gave the level 2 workout the first shot. Normally Shalene would’ve also been here but she picked a good day to have another appointment. The 1:00 girls (April and Barb) did the level 1 workout which was no slouch either.

Then Nicole and Dan also did the level 1 at 3:00 leaving it for Janeen and Jared for the follow up. Claudia, Seth, Caleb and Brad then attacked the level 2. As usual, they all gave it Hell especially Brad who this is the 2nd workout at CFCV. I didn’t expect him to finish the whole Monty, but finish he did. The workouts looked like this:Dsc01322