I guess I haven't posted often enough lately, the readership numbers are way down. But that's OK, who knows maybe we'll switch venues.

Good workout today; front squats, box jumps, burpees and pull ups. I love that combination. Cary owned it and it's cool to see Kathy R. doing the same workouts as the rest of us. We also got to "play" with the new ropes compliments of Stacey. They're pretty fast, but then again I suck at jumping rope.

Since Janeen and Jared are out of town this week and they're the only ones expressing an interest in the 12:00 time frame, I guess we'll wait til next week to add the 12:00 class. Any comments?

Mark will be putting together a few of the t-shirt designs for more consideration. Should have something soon.

Coming up on Sept 11th, time to pay tribute to our lost firefighter brothers. Hint!

Ran across another interesting article worth reading (not that the rest I have seen over the past few days aren't worthy). You can read it Here.


4 Responses

  1. claudia

    I check the posts often as well. Stacey I forgot to try the ropes, I’ll give it a go on Saturday, thanks for your support.

  2. Stacey

    I’m glad everyone’s enjoying the jump ropes. I just wanted to show my appreciation for the existence of a CF in little ol’ Carson Valley (who would’ve guessed ;-), and on top of that it has such awesome trainers and members. I know it’s sappy, but it really makes my day to get to CF and see all those shiny, sweaty faces. Thanks everybody!

  3. Nicole Gesselman

    I try to check the post as much as I can. Really thank you Stacey for the ropes, but man they hurt the back of my legs!!!???? Im so excited teaching classes for u Chief Thank you soooooo much for the opportunity!!!