With the impending birthday, I got busy and didn’t post Thursday’s Karen particulars. This was the first time Karen (150 wall balls for time) has been done at CFCV. Level 2’s did the full Monty with 14lb medicine ball for the guys and the 12 pounder for the gals. Level 1’s had the option of reps, some doing 100 and one doing the 150. The timing was done  differently than rx’d with each person’s time reflecting the actual work cycles added together, eliminating the rest time between sets. Most did sets of 30 however Denny charged hard with one set of 90 and one of 60. An un-orthodox way to time but I wanted people to get a sense of how breaking the workout into manageable pieces affects their total time. I’m not going to post the times due to a discrepancy but here are some pics of the action:

Nicole with onlookers Amy, Kendall and Seth

Crossfit 010

Crossfit 011  Betsy and Lisa

Crossfit 013

Zach in his new board shorts with Claudia on the other ball while Lisa watches.

 Then came Friday, my actual birthday. I have had so many that I forgot to post. Actually, we did a great workout of Row 800m, 20 kb swings, 20 push ups, 20 jumping pull ups and 20 evil wheels followed by 600m on the rower and 16 of each exercise, followed by 400m and 12 of each. Was good for a celebration workout.

Crossfit 016

Seth on the wheel and Rachael smiling cause she likes jumping pull ups so much.

Crossfit 018  

Newcomer Ryan during his first row over 500m.

Crossfit 019

Exciting times at CFCV. This week Roby did his first muscle up, Caleb, Cates and myself did some with a jump to get moving and others are way close. Some new people  are starting to show their stuff, Amy, Kendall, Ryan, Blair and Bridgett. At this point its not known who will for sure become members but all are certainly welcome. Betsy Penny and Zach have signed on and have begun their transformation and all are working hard. Next week’s prospects include the return of Stacy from the busy wildland firefighting season and Darren Miller that will be in to check us out.

Unfortunately Shalene got a bleak diagnosis of her injury. The healing process will require 6-8 weeks non weight bearing followed by extensive rehab. This will require a return to the old schedule for a short time period but Shalene will be back before long. More on the schedule change early next week. Also look for this blog to have a face lift.


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  1. Jared

    Hello from Idaho,
    Janeen and I met up with our fellow crossfitters in Coeur d’Alene Idaho ( We met up with them on Friday at their gym before the workout and exchanged notes. They made sure we knew what we were doing (proper squats, swings, etc). Then came the WoD; which was going to be Jeremy (OHS/Burpees 21/15/9) but there were too many of us. So we ended up doing what I’m going to call Christmas (after one of the trainers at Crossfit CDA) which was 400M run, 25 BB swings and 10 Burpees; 3 rounds for time. We were not the only visitors that day; we were able to work out with some active, very fit Navy personnel. We had a great time and made some new friends. Everyone kicked our butt. I’m used to it, but I’m not sure Janeen is. Can’t wait to get back home and get back into the swing of things. We will hopefully see you on Wednesday.
    Jared & Janeen