Setting the Record Straight


Setting the Record Straight

The pictures and stories of the Tough Mudder two weeks ago are in and circulating. Nicolette provided some information to the Record Courier regarding the event in an effort to give lots of people some recognition of their hard work. Unfortunately as is always the case, the media reported some inaccuracies. The story states that "Thirteen members of CrossFit Carson Valley participated in the the Tough Mudder Challenge" when actually 8 members were from CFCV and 5 from Carson City Strength and Conditioning. The story also reports that "We go through intense training every day just as part of the program" which is true, but Nicolette originally stated this in the first person (I).

The other significant thing that did not make the story is that Mark (the owner of CCSC and longtime and current member of CFCV) organized and coached the team. From what I understand he did an excellent job of it too by assuring that all team members cleared all obstacles before continuing on himself.

The bottom line is that I appreciate the efforts of Nicolette and all the CFCV members who participated but wanted to assure the members of CCSC and Mark also received their recognition. And thanks for representing CFCV Tough Mudders!


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  1. Lester

    I might have to give Joey a call and help him correct a few details. Especially if the article is going to be shared with the NAP. I would need a more prominent pic of that Stache though. That dude was just too normal looking Without the hair on the lip!

  2. No clarification/recognition needed. None of that stuff matters much to me. I was glad to see local CrossFit peeps getting some press time….as I think everyone should know about the benefits of this type of training. I hope the non-CFing public reads this:
    “We go through intense training every day just as a part of the program” and “We definitely could not have completed the course without that.”
    I consider myself lucky to be a member of both CFCV and CCSC. Hopefully articles like this, showing ordinary people competing in radical events, will spark more interest in fitness. Thanks Nicolette for the article……and thanks Ron for “keeping it real.”

  3. Nicole Gesselman

    Thanks Mark for wearing the stache… Ur an awesome coach too…. It was a great article Nicolette. I really hope people look at this article too Mark and relize how important fitness and a healthy life is. Nice blog post Ron.