Serious Work


Serious Work

Today was an awesome day at CFCV. Buffy, Shauna and Page started things off with Angie before the sun was up. This was the first time for Buffy and Shauna and the second for Page. I think all three are getting the idea of the high intensity workouts that we survive on a regular basis.

Carrie, Seth, Chad, Dennis and drop in George were in at 9:00. Carie backed up her Michael from yesterday with another fine effort at Angie. Dennis targeted Georges' time of 20:00 and came up with 18:20. Meanwhile Seth bested his pr by 6+minutes. George worked the same routine the majority did yesterday.

At 1:00, Mike H. made a return. He managed a 1/2 Angie and got a taste of what he has missed. Jared and Caleb pushed hard and Jared managed to do the full Monty this time around.

Mark and Ryan were the 2:15 crew and targeted Dennis' time. Ryan pulled off a 16:56 and Mark tied Dennis' 18:20.

At 4, Kelly, Nicole, Jason and Jessie switched things up with a different workout. 5 rounds of bench press, tire flips and box jumps were followed by another 5 rounds of Turkish get up situps, jingle jangles and KB swings. This one also proved to be a tough session and was also the faire for the  5:15ers Whitey, Tim, Zach and Lisa. Penny rowed a 500 meter during the above.  


The 9:00 crew bustin it.

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