Serious Congrats Are in Order


Serious Congrats Are in Order

Yesterday was another one of those proud days for me. I wasn't really sure how it would go, although I have tremendous confidence in all our athletes and none let me down. As I watched and cued, athlete after athlete pr'd their overhead squat, some by more than 20 pounds! The folks below all pr'd, everyone of them:


And those that didn't pr need not be ashamed or frustrated as they also put in a great effort and showed us some beautiful overhead squats. I want to add that all these squats were legit, below parallel overhead squats, not like some of the others we see in other places.

Congrats also goes out to Rhonda who finished up the on-ramp solo last night. She knocked 2 minutes off her WOD#1 time which is most admirable. The she went on to finish yesterday's metcon with the boys:


Welcome to the CFCV family Rhonda.

It's that time again, lots of shit on my mind about CrossFit and how we (CFCV) are evolving. I am happy with our direction especially results folks are seeing. People are hitting the slopes and are noticing a positive difference despite having been long term members of our family, that is a good thing. Pr's continue to be common place even with athletes that have been members for 1-2-3 years, that is also a good thing. What I am concerned about is assuring that we continue on the right path with some of the external BS that goes on. I'm confident it'll work out, probably just that time of month again. Why does come so often?

For interesting reading and perspectives look for Garrett Smith on Facebook. He was a CrossFit aficionado back in the day and now has a different perspective. I AM NOT BASHING CROSSFIT! What I am saying is it is our responsibility as critical thinkers to look out side the box and make sure all things make sense. I have applied the concepts of many of like thinkers of Garrett's to our program with success, I think. I know several of you could give a shit, you just come here to work out, but the day I quit seeking more ideas is the day this gym closes.