September 30th


September 30th

Linda was in the house yesterday. We haven't programmed her as part of a regular WOD before due to the amount of equipment required but we were able to pull it off. I think it went well for all classes except the 6pm again just because of the equipment required. Everyone did an excellent job, I am proud:


Lilly and Kara did Linda this morning so they wouldn't miss out; Lilly as rx'd @ 235, 158, 125 in 23:28 and Kara @ 83,83,63 in 20:43.

Don't forget to get your membership updated if you haven't already. The changes were announced in August and Oct 1st was the effective date.

SUP WOD at Janae's lake tomorrow at 9:00. Everyone is invited, there are no special invitations, come and play if you want.

Here is a video that Carrie wanted to add on the Tough Mudder showing the obstacles:


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