September 23rd


September 23rd

Penny and I would like to thank all of our great members for your support. Pulling this business off is not always easy but with your help and support it keeps getting better.

Thanks to the Begovich's for always being there, to Troy V. for helping out with stereo issues and Rachael for the new bumpers. There will be more Abmats arriving this week along with some more bumpers I ordered. And the stereo should be functional.

Welcome to Phil, Krystal and Beau who just finished their on ramp program, Jessica who's just starting hers and to Rhett and Kyle who are about half way through theirs.

James and Tyler are new faces, usually attending afternoon classes.

Congrats to all you CFCVers that participated in Tough Mudder yesterday and today. The pics look like you enjoyed yourselves, that's awesome.

Heading into week 3 of the Leanout Challenge. From the looks of the food logs I review it looks like folks have figured it out pretty well. Remember this coming week will probably be the toughest yet. Hang in there you're doing great.