September 22nd


September 22nd

Got Robb's book yesterday and already 100 pages in. Good stuff, same but good. I continue to be amazed at the lack of knowledge in nutrition/health in those that should know better. Know a guy that ill lethis 11 year old have their gallbladder removed after "trying everything". I bet my last dollar they haven't "tried" paleo as evidenced by the way I see them eat. Bummer, makes me sad.

I sure hope all you in CFCV blog readerdom are keeping tabs on the Whole 9 blog. There have been a number of excellent posts of late that I agree totally with. I'm buying their two posts on supplements and especially Dallas' most recent on the sumo deadlift high pull. As a "victim" of shoulder issues/surgery, I agree 100% and just like the burpee challenge the sdhp has left the building. That said, those of you that are training for CrossFit sectionals knock yourself out during FGB but the rest of us will be doing power cleans. Maybe a few less reps, but so what.

The on-ramp is cruising along with 50% completed. The next few days will test their mettle, within reason. Nicole and I will be playing good cop bad cop over the next couple of sessions. I get to go have fun while she deals it to them, only for me to return and dish out some easy stuff. Believe it???


Just wanted to add this from our friends at NorCal. I would encourage you to also read part 2 as well link.

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  1. Stacey

    There are definitely some insightful people out there. I loved those posts by Andy. Didn’t even know he had his own blog. I am totally addicted to their podcast. Will check out the Whole 9 blog too. Haven’t caught that in a while. Great post Ron! Also have to check out those mobility WODs everyone’s talking about. Good stuff!