September 12th 2011


September 12th 2011

Awesome effort by everyone in the gym over the last several days. First, the Chief on last Friday: 021

This was Rod and Michele's first official WOD post on-ramp and Paige's first WOD even though she hasn't finished the current on-ramp.

Then we followed the Chief up with "343" on Sunday. This is the fifth consecutive year we have done this WOD honoring the firefighters who lost their lives running into the towers and helping others to make it out. We thank Mark, Logan, Toby and Lester from CrossFit RAD for making it down for our event. Here is a video I made from pictures that were taken on Sunday:





Following the "343" WOD we celebrated the end of the summer challenge. Congrats to Teri H. who took top honors and Cindy who was hot on her heels.

Last week was also Teri and Dustin's one year anniversary with CFCV. We hope the relationship will be a long one.

This week while two on-ramps are finishing up, Clare is starting hers. Today was day 1. Anyone remember their day 1?

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  1. Nicole Gesslman

    OOOO Man i so do remember my first day…. I couldnt even get past the jumping pull ups with the band on the warm up…. and didnt come back for a wk because I was so sore from the warm up…. HAHA! I have to say Buffy needs to tell her first WOD! That was memoriable!

  2. RAD Mark

    Ron made me do effin’ Fran on my first day. That was well before I knew how to do cheating pullups. Fran with strict pullups SUCKS! I was hooked though.

  3. Nicole Gesslman

    Buffys first WOD was 5rds of 800 m run, 20 wall balls and 10 box jumps…Yes she finished and didnt get off the ground for 20 mins…She has never workout before.. HAHA! Mark I totally know whatcha mean strick pull ups on Fran SUCKS!

  4. FightGoneBad…that’s a purty tough first day. 20 min. later, when the lady at Raley’s asked something REALLY complex (like …”Please swipe your card…”), I just stared at her like she was speaking Chinese. I must have looked jacked up…’cause she said, “Excuse me, sir, are you ok?” I stared back and w.o. pausing looked at her and said in a flat croak, “No, I’m pretty messed up.” She stared back and said, “Please swipe your card, sir.” Needless to say, I forgot to get half the things on my wife’s list.
    So, thanks for that…. Geez…You people are crazy. You’d think you’d be nicer to a guy on his first time.