Sept 7th


Sept 7th

Last of the hot weather long weekends is behind us and boy was it fun! Spent lots of time on bodies of water paddling. Went with Mike to Topaz today and got absolutely owned by him. We did a couple of paddleboard circuits with various kettlebell movements mixed in. According to Mike's gps we traveled close to 5 miles total in 3 intervals. This was Mike's first exposure to kettlebells and I think he digs them. Next trip out I will introduce the AKC bells to him so he has an idea of the diversity.

Penny is getting the hang of her board, we paddled to the Tahoe Keys and back from Reagan beach yesterday. It was a beautiful morning on the lake.

Now that the weekend/summer is over, it's time to focus on nutrition and training. I have fallen behind on the Dutch program and need to get caught up, not to mention my shitty diet lately. Our grass fed half cow is being delivered today so we'll have some good meat to help the cause.

Awesome to see pr's made last Friday. Jim pr'd his deadlift at 335#, Buffy at 243 and Anna at 233. Nice work!!!

On Ramp #1 tonight for the September program and Barbell club tonight and Friday night. Same schedule for both this week.

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  1. kelly

    congradulations Buffy and Ann you guys are awesome. I agree with Ron Diet this summer sucked. too much to do and no time to be stick. with fall approaching time to kick it into gear. By the way the paddle boaring is awesome everyone should try its great. well back to being seriopus about nutrition and life in general. best of luck to all and keep reaching for you goals.REMEMBER what the mind and concieve the body can achieve.