Self Myofascial Release Course


Self Myofascial Release Course

I know that a few of you have indicated that you would be interested in the class and I was planning on around $100.00 for tuition. It turns out that the class is either 1 full day at a cost of $275.00 or 2 days for $375.00. The one day class will tech you all you need to know about self myofascial release on a personal basis as well as provide you with the tools (the kit I bought). The kit is over $100.00 so the class is around $175.00 for the full day. The second day is focused on teaching others all the stuff you learned on the first day including recognition of how to do SMR properly to another person as well as when to advise them to go to a higher level practitioner. You also receive an extra deep tissue ball in the deal.

Jeff has conditionally set aside the 9/12 & 9/13 weekend and if there's enough interest will put a registration page on his website. So what I need is true dincum commitments in the form of a comment to this blog by Friday. My plan is to reserve the days for CFCV members to a certain date and after that if the sessions are not full open it up to other friends and family of CFCV and the CrossFit community. If there is one more in your family that wants to attend I am good with that as long as we don't go over the capacity of 30. I imagine there won't be as many takers for day 2 so we'll open that up as long as there are enough day 1 commitments (at least 15).

So please, if you're truly interested, respond to this post or call me so we can get this thing off the ground.

Once again here is a link to the specifics of the workshop here.

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