Second Duty Day


Second Duty Day

Today was the second day of duty at the FD and a day of rest for me. Yesterday Jared, Caleb, Seth Nicole, Lindsey, Penny and I did the venerable deck of cards at 6am. Teddy was there again for this workout following the 5:15 the night before. He seems to be enjoying the workouts and I think the deck was his match. We haven't done the workout in awhile and probably won't see it for awhile again.

On the eve of renewing my Paramedic certification I am thinking twice about it. For 15 years as a Paramedic and another 10 as an EMT Intermediate I have focused my efforts on responding to medical emergencies (as well as other emergencies) and doing my best to provide care to the sick and injured in their time of need. Don't get me wrong I will still maintain my EMT-I cert and respond and do the very best I am capable of, but my new focus is going to be on trying to do the best I can to help prevent illness through fitness and a healthy life style.

Over the past 3 years I have seen changes in the quality of life of several people due to their efforts in fitness. That is what keeps me interested and its about time for a change of direction as well. No, I'm not going to leave my job, but fitness is my passion, so it deserves the lion share of my effort. This may be a so what to lots of people but public declaration helps me to commit.

For the next couple of days Penny and I will be cleaning out the old building and putting that stage of CFCV to bed. What new challenges and opportunities lie ahead? And of course the scheduled classes will be held.

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