Second Article


Second Article

Rosanne's second article appeared in today's edition of the Douglas Times. It can be read Here.

As I did after the last installment I want to take the opportunity to offer my comments.

First of all, it is refreshing to work with a journalist that really does her homework on her subjects. I have had opportunities in the past through my professional dealing to work with some that haven't taken the time and have mis-represented  their subject matter. Such is not the case with Rosanne.

Secondly, I think the second article presented CFCV more in reality of who we are, people that are interested in challenging ourselves physically and mentally to improve our being. As such, one of the unfortunate side effects is DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). This occurs most frequent early in our journey but is still occasional to this day for me. I am good with that, it lets me know my body is adapting to the stimulus. What I want to assure everyone, prospective members as well, the soreness improves and should not incapacitate at any point. The goal is to challenge without hurting the individual through constantly varied, functional movements practiced at high intensity. But as Rosanne pointed out, all movements can and should be scaled to the individual's capabilities.

Thirdly, Rosanne referred to me as a coach. I want to acknowledge that in the CrossFit world the moniker coach is reserved for the highest level individual who imparts all that is CrossFit. This title is bestowed on the individual by the Founding Father Greg Glassman known as "Coach". I mention this as there are many in the CrossFit community who would take exception to me being called a coach as I am in the infancy of learning and teaching the CrossFit method.

Lastly, I too would like to thank the members of CrossFit Carson Valley for welcoming Rosanne and making her experience a positive one. It speaks volumes of your character and support and together we can make this work.

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  1. Seth

    I really enjoyed this second article! It sounds like Roseann came away from CFCV with a positive impression, not only of CrossFit but also of CFCV. I think she expressed how the majority of us have felt and continue to feel, from the intensity of the workouts to the encouraging coaching delivered by Ron.
    I want to thank you again Ron, for the passion you continue to share.