Saturday’s Girl


Saturday’s Girl

We repeated Helen for the first time since the end of August today. This was the first time for this benchmark for a few and PR's for others. We welcomed Buffy for her first workout with us and she pushed herself to finish Helen in a respectable time. This was Jessie's third wotkout with us and she owned the day with her time. Of course there were others that took a little longer but did strict pull ups and the rx'd kettlebell weight.

The numbers:

Monica     13:02  12 kg jumping p/u

Tim          14:38  as rx'd

Penny        14:02  16kg jumping

Ron            12:01 as rx'd

Lindsey       11:30  12kg jumping

Nicole          13:53  as rx'd

Buffy           14:06  8kg  jumping

Jared           12:39  24kg jumping

Jessie         10:17  12kg  jumping

Good work and good to see ya'll on a beautiful Saturday. 9:00 for tomorrow is a go and looks like quite a few takers, see you then.