Today's workout:

5 rounds

5 tire flips

10 slam balls

15 kettlebell swings

Nicolette, Jim, and Janae killed it! Way to go!

Sorry Janae I had to post this, I just love the crazy strong expression in your face. You go girl!

Thought I'd share this photo of the people that showed up-Straight Determination.


2 Responses

  1. James (or Jim) AKA the "new guy"

    Great workout today! The tire definitely left a mark. Can’t wait to get back after it on Monday. Active rest day tomorrow. Heard there was an outdoor lap pool somewhere in there area. Thinking about swimming 800-1,000m if anyone is interested.

  2. Nicole Gesselman

    Yes those tires are pretty dirty.LOL. Racheal nice pictures they look good! Hopefully we get some takers for the buddy day coming up.