Saturday October 29th, Barbells for Boobs Day


Saturday October 29th, Barbells for Boobs Day

It has finally come and gone. All those who showed had a good time as I understand it. Alex from CrossFit RAD and I were the only guys to participate Saturday and Marshall killed it on Friday. Nicolette and I were the only ones to do full cleans instead of ground to overhead. I know it’s blasphemy but that’s how I like it.

Andrew and Jackson were there as spectators along with Teri, Dustin and William. Honestly I was hoping for more more folks including the public and Firefighters I work with to show but it didn’t turn out that way. I will have the cool FD supporter t-shirts around for a couple of more days if anyone want to purchase them.

I understand Buffy is going to take her shot at Grace this week and we’ll make Chris do it as well.

There were lots of pictures taken and as usual  made a movie and tried posting it to Youtube several times. In the end I used Vimeo and the product is below. There are a few more pics that seem to be missing that I will post separately. If you see any you want let me know.




Untitled from Ron Haskins on Vimeo.

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  1. Nicolette

    omg!!! great job on the video guys!!!! It,s terrific!!! I had such a great time thank you all for helping me get through it!! It was tough!! =)