Saturday Madhouse


Saturday Madhouse

Seems the warm weather brought em out in force yesterday. There were 17 folks that showed for the 9:00 adults class. Lola's sister Lynn and Annie who is a member of CF One World were among them. Of the 17, 9 were signed up. Good thing I anticipated the possibility and planned for Helen as the wod. For some it was their first, for some its been awhile and for Claudia, Kelly and Nicole they opted for a substitution in Michael. There were some major improvements for alot but it was cool to see Jared knock another rx'd effort out.

Crossfit 027

Greg from CF Meridian (Idaho) was also here visiting and did Helen. By the way, Helen had to be done in two groups due to the amount of contenders.

Then it was kids turn. They did a 200m run, 20 kbs and 10 push up 3 round workout. Here they are in action:

Crossfit 021

Recording their effort:

Crossfit 025

Towards the end of this week, the schedule will be sketchy as I am heading to Laughlin for some r & r. Claudia will be handling the classes while I am gone so be sure to check the schedule for both adult and kids classes.

Speaking of kids classes, I feel the program is going well. I know its hard to deal with my schedule and I am hoping that in the future it will be more consistent. Over the next couple of weeks as mentioned above the schedule will be a little erratic but there are some things I need to tend to. Thanks for your and you kid's patience. be sure to check the schedule on this blog for the most reliant source of schedules.

Zen Planner has done some work on the calender and I'll update you on the changes. I will also be adding kids to Zen Planner soon and I'll explain more on that shortly.