Saturday and Sunday


Saturday and Sunday

Sorry for the repeated corny title but if I don't put one it screws up the tracking info. on this end.

Some pictures from Fight Gone Bad Yesterday:


We did Fight Gone Bad in anticipation of the UFC fight between it's namesake BJ Penn and Georges St Pierre. It turns out BJ Penn lost. Here are the numbers for the crews:

Speaking of namesakes:


With the influx of new members there have been several classes at capacity over the past month or so. That is a good thing, but please if you've signed up and can't make it call. This might mean someone else can take your spot. I haven't turned anyone away yet but I'm sure it will happen. Also I've said it before if no one is signed up for a particular class time, I might have something I need to do so I can't guarantee I'll be there. This typically only happens at 1:00 so if you value that class time, speak up.

The first CrossFit Kids class is tomorrow night (Monday) at 6:30. For some the 4:00 time slot would be better and hopefully in the future we can do a simultaneous gig with an adults and kids class at 4:00. Scheduling myself to do two classes at once is not going to work so for now it'll have to be 6:30.

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