Saturday 5/8


Saturday 5/8

Our article about the Fittest of the Sierra finally made it in the Record Courier yesterday. They didn't include any of the pics but that's OK. It's just good to recognize our athletes for accomplishments that really mean something.

I feel a rant coming on….

I don't know where to start but we, all of us, have put a great effort into what is CFCV. We are constantly evolving as a business and as a family. We don't claim to be the only way to train or be better than anyone else. The majority of our members consistently improve on fitness measures (at least  our measures) and are healthier now than when they started. Yet, I am told very often that our membership fees are too expensive, the workouts are too hard and a few other choice excuses for either not continuing with our program or starting it. The bottom line on this is we are still a great deal for what you get and we do work hard to meet our goals. If it's too hard or too expensive, there are plenty of other programs in the area, I suggest you check them out.

To accomplish our goals we have expanded our weightlifting repertoire and there will be changes to the gym to enhance the safety and effectiveness of our programming. I am also attending a USAW coaches level I cert in SoCal in June. With this cert we will be able to host lifting meets in the future, once we are ready. I also hope to gain more knowledge and experience to enhance CFCV's member's lifting abilities.

Rachael is attending the CrossFit level I cert in Reno in July. We welcome her to the coaching staff and she will be covering some of the morning classes while I'm at the FD when she gets up to speed. This should result in more access to classes for those that can only work out in the morning.

I am really excited about the Dutch Lowy program that starts tomorrow. My goals have bee adjusted down to snatch 70kg and I'm not sure what he changed my Fran goal to. I originally was hoping for a 100kg snatch and 4 min. Fran. I am excited and nervous all at the same time. It is definitely something I've needed for a long while-to be coached.

The following is a pic of the board from yesterday's Helen workout. Everyone with an asterisk improved on their last Helen and with one exception are all pr's. It's noteworthy that we haven't done Helen or focused on those movements since February, another case of coincidence?