Saturday 3/6/2010


Saturday 3/6/2010

More exciting stuff going on!

Carrie and Stacey went to Sacramento to a master's oly lifting meet today. I heard that Carrie PR'd her clean and jerk but missed a couple of snatches. Not really sure how Stacey did, haven't heard.

Friday we had 3 of the 4 folks finish the on ramp. Congrats to Danie, Helen and Lisa. Cassie is slated to finish up on Monday. Not sure what happened to Dar and James but both would have to make up their missed sessions to move into regular classes. Although the next on ramp starts Monday and is scheduled on the blog schedule we have not had anyone sign up. If you know of anyone that plans to attend they need to let me know before Monday night or I may not be around.

We also had a drop in from Dallas on Friday. Jerry was in and did pretty well.

It was also cool to have Mark back in the gym on Friday. He has been away for awhile due to some challenges and hopefully he can make it in a little more often.

Second week of the challenge has ended and I'm seeing results from folks (visually). I know some are having a tough time but remember three weeks or so is what it will take for your body adapt to new energy sources and your performance to start increasing. You've been eating different for a lifetime and the changes won't be easy or come overnight. But it will be worth it!

The Fittest of the Sierra's competition is coming up soon. It is an event that is being organized by the CrossFit affiliates in the region. You can view the web page here. I will add a widget to the blog and website when one is developed.

Still working on the Whole9 workshop. We are scheduling 2 separate offerings; June 16th (afternoon/evening) and June 17th late morning/noonish. If there is enough interest we might add another one on the 17th late afternoon/evening. All I have to do is pay the deposit and there will be more information posted etc. Information on the workshop can be found here.

5 Responses

  1. Stacey

    No PR’s for me. Unfortunately I missed all my snatches (3 attempts), I think due to nerves. When I look at the videos they don’t look too bad, just didn’t stick ’em at the top (at least I didn’t fall on my butt ;-). But I did get all 3 of my C&J’s which is incredible ’cause in the past I considered that the weaker of the 2 lifts for me. I came out of the bottom very well on all 3 and my jerks were more explosive than usual (thanks, Ron). I really had a good time in spite of the misses and everyone was super supportive. And there were a lot of good lifters to watch and learn from, so a great day all around! Thanks for everyone’s support and well wishes, that meant a lot.

  2. Darlene

    Dar was dealing with a sick kid,midterms and a baby shower that she got forced into. =) I was just about to email you about buying another round of on the ramp.

  3. Ron

    Dar, we started another On-Ramp tonight, it won’t cost you anything to finish this one. But, you gotta put down the ravioli’s.

  4. Darlene

    They were gluten free raviolis with meat in them! Ill be there tonight! I just have to bail by 705 to pick up small fry from karate.