Saturday 3/27


Saturday 3/27

Sorry for the hiatus once again.

Gearing up for the next On-Ramp program beginning April 7th. We have a few that are interested and of course the more the merrier, to a point.

Two weeks left of the spring leaning challenge. seeing lots of positive changes in people, I know I never expected this absolutely impressive commitment from so many people.

Thursday we deadlifted heavy. I want to recognize Anna for her pr of 203 lbs. Anna "gave us a month" a year ago when she and Michelle H. started CFCV. Now close to her anniversary she has met a major goal of deadlifting 200 lbs. Incredible for her but the increases in lots of folks also needs to be mentioned. We don't do 1 rep max's very often but when we do the improvements are remarkable. Good job everyone!

Tomorrow is our buddy's memorial in Texas and though we can't make the trip, Ethan and I will memorialize him at the Fern. Last time, God Speed Jesse!

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  1. Stacey

    Anna is so freakin’ strong, and she’s just starting to realize it! It’s been a beautiful thing to witness. Congrats, Anna! Very proud of you!