Rowing with Bells


Rowing with Bells

Both levels did the following workout today:

  • Row 2 minutes
  • Turkish get ups 2 min.
  • Row 2 min.
  • swings 2 min.
  • Row 2 min.
  • snatches 2 min.
  • Row 2 min.
  • clean/press 2 min.
  • Row 2 min.
  • figure 8 to hold 2 min.

This was done following the usual CF warmup of course.

Other important notes:

Nu Sytems Dan was back again, made it through the warmup, the rounds of rowing and did 2 handed swings during the rest of the moves.

Claudia did her first unassisted kipping pull ups today-2 of em.

I forgot to mention that Janeen also did her first 2 unassisted kippers way back on 6/2. My bad for forgetting to post this, sorry Janeen.

2 Responses

  1. Seth Blackford

    I don’t know about everyone else, but I am enjoying the 5 day workout with the entire weekend of rest. I think this is a good move for regularity and I want to express my appreciation for the time and effort that is put into this workout by Ron, Shalene, & Claudia. I look forward to each workout as I continue to see improvements in my overall health. Thank You Ron.

  2. Ron

    Thanks for the kind words Seth, it means alot to us. What also means a lot is the effort you and your compadres put into the workouts and the confidence you have in us.