Row, Row Your Erg


Row, Row Your Erg

It's been a long time coming and yesterday's 5K row surprised everyone. Quite a few folks improved their pr times and it just goes to show that even if we don't row the long distances improvements can still be made. But what if we did the fiver more often??????


 It appears that the barbell club is helping folks to improve in the lifts. I think they're having fun as well, next meeting Thursday 6:30. Let me know your thoughts on scheduling and programing, I'm trying to assure that our CFCV wod doesn't conflict with what I have planned for the barbell club.

Another grandson:


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  1. Rachael

    Hey this is at Eldorado Beach, right??? Dang Ethan is getting so much older, check out his muscles while rowing. This same beach is where I tried the paddle board for the first time. Cool stuff. I have friends that opened up there own paddle board shop and rental right near there. I’d like to try it again sometime!

  2. Nicole Gesselman

    What a handsome boy. Good pic. I have to try it out one day. I am loving the barbell club. Super fun laughing and dancing. HAHA!!! J/K. It is helping me alot on my form. It good stuff. Thanks Ron.