Row, Row, Row Your Erg


Row, Row, Row Your Erg

Today was all about the 5000 meter row. For some it's been awhile for others not so long. Although it's cool to see impressive numbers posted by Caleb, Mark, Ryan, Jared and Seth, what really stands out are the efforts of Zach and Kathy. It's no secret they are not the fittest but their hearts are enormous. The numbers:


Some action shots:



Following the workouts tomorrow I will be traveling to CrossFit North (Chico) for an Olympic lifting seminar given by Greg Everett.  He has trained with Mike Burgener for a long time and will be teaching us the snatch and clean and jerk and how to pass the skills on to others. Can't wait. I guess Janeen is still traveling to the Level I cert in Socal and Nicole is leaving tomorrow for Florida and a vacation at Disney world.

The new building was painted today and there is some more prep to complete early next week. With a little luck, maybe we'll be in by the end of the week.

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