Rhode Island Moves West


Rhode Island Moves West

Today Denny, Rob, newcomer Jason and I performed Anthony Diluglio’s "Providence" workout. As you will remember, several of us did the same workout last week, but it has become a favorite of those who frequent CrossFit Carson Valley as well as at the fire stations so we repeated it.

Blogentry11272007_002 I wonder if the smiles are because the workout was satisfying or is over?

Post Workout discussion:

Following the workout, we had quite a discussion talking about price and why would a client want to come to CrossFit Carson Valley. I announced that the prices will be $50.00 per month or $10.00 drop in fee. I understand that a garage gym is a hard sell for $50.00 per month especially when due to my work schedule there will be 20 days I am available, but let me explain. It’s like CCT Joey states on his website (CrossFit Chaos) I have a day job, one that I have been at for a long time and have no intentions of leaving. That said, I am personally and professionally committed to the idea of training and providing the facilities for people that are interested in functional fitness. This commitment comes from a belief that this stuff works, I have seen and lived it myself.

So whaddya get for the fees? Training and a facility that you can CrossFit at. While operating out of this facility (my garage), class size will be limited to 3 combatants unless special circumstances warrant a Fight Gone Bad style workout. During these sessions either myself or another CrossFit trained individual will be present to train the individuals in proper technique etc. In appropriate cases, the trainer will also join the workout, but obviously can’t in all sessions for a number of reasons.

Considering the alternative; I have been a member of fitness facilities all my adult life and am very aware of how they operate. I am not knocking them in any way, but they fulfill a certain niche. Hell, I am still a member of the local gym and workout there regularly (for my own reasons). At these facilities (our local one) members pay a monthly fee and are able to show up whenever they want during business hours and take advantage of the equipment and group classes for anywhere between 19 and 39 dollars per month. If you want personal training, trainers are available for 35-55 dollars per hour. That’s a great system if that fits your needs.

Some of the challenges this creates for CrossFitters is equipment availability and training in exercises they have not performed or suck at. That’s what CrossFit Carson Valley provides. The equipment to perform a timed WOD from start to finish without waiting for Brutus to finish his chest flys so you can use the pull up bar. You can also listen to loud music, use chalk, snort, grunt and sweat copious amounts on the floor without feeling guilty and eliciting comments about how violent your kettlebell swing is. All this with someone to watch over and encourage you every single time you come here.

So, what does the future hold? Honestly, that depends on participation. My vision is to grow this idea, service, whatever into an enterprise located in an industrial building and have other trainers available when I am not. This facility would be equipped to provide a number of different types of functional fitness workouts including CrossFit WOD’s, kettlebell workouts, rope workouts (climbing and other types), atlas stones etc., etc. That is my vision, but my resources are limited and although I am committed, my wife doesn’t deserve to have my vision ruin her reality.

All this in mind, if you wanna taste the koolaid come on down!

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