There’s lots of press these days about gyms vs health clubs vs studios etc etc and how to measure whether you get your money’s worth or not. I guess it all boils down to results and we should all ask if we’re getting the results we’re looking for. I’ve been thinking about this quite a bit lately and then I consider some of the things we do. I’ve seen results from our various challenges the latest of course being the Spring Leaning (Paleo) Challenge. But there’s also more,I watch new members come in the door and improve vastly during the on ramp. Stacey is setting new pr’s regularly in the lifts as are lots of other folks. I guess it comes down to whether the results are consistent with your goals.

On the same subject we at CFCV have been working on the movements expected at this weekend’s Fittest of the Sierra at So Lake Tahoe CrossFit. I have made a video of our training efforts that is too large for Youtube and so I made a slide show from it.

Good luck to all of our athletes Saturday.

And with the competition I offer this:

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  1. Caleb

    Ha ha! I love that part “There, there Markie D. Who is the best 40 year-old CPA CrossFitter in the North East quadrant of town…wait, what does Patrick do for a living?”