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It has been pushed! The week in socal was a good one for me, I was able to reflect on some stuff. Being back in the box Monday was good, now I'm at the FD for two more glorious days.

I don't know how many of you are following the Whole 9 blog posts from Melissa and Dallas but they have expanded their focus to include the big picture. This is some of the stuff I have been studying for awhile now and really believe it is the future. There are several folks I follow the same line of thinking and really impress me. I'm uncertain where this will take us but I envision having Melissa and Dallas back in the future for another "Big Picture" workshop.

We have in our midst a very talented Massage Therapist that attends the 6am class named Mary Merry. Our latest challenge involves submitting a testimonial with the most impressive winning a massage by Mary. The deadline will be October 21st and I will be the judge. I probably ask for assistance from several of you on the judging but the final say will be mine. All testimonials will be potentially posted on our website or blog or both.

I want to thank the girls for covering classes and representing well at the schools and conference in my absence last week.


This coming Saturday we are planning a SUP Wod at Janae's lake at 9am til noonish. I will bring my 4 boards which we can spend some time learning to paddle and then if there are enough folks we'll do a relay type WOD incorporating paddling. It would be cool to get an idea ahead of time of how many intend to come.

Welcome Blaine. Alyson was also back on Monday for the first time in several months and I hear Hannah from Vegas will be around for awhile. There's also rumor that Patrick and Teri will be back the 1st. We're missing some others still that have disappeared, what's up with that?