Renewed Vigor


Renewed Vigor

After a couple of days away from the gym, I'm ready to get back to it in the morning.

Ethan's soccer team the Rapids were at CFCV on Friday evening for their first conditioning session CrossFit style. There is a wealth of knowledge residing with Coach Martin's (CrossFit Kids founder) experience that I plan to tap and take advantage of.

I also plan to combine CrossFit Kids classes on occasion with adults for a CrossFit Family workout. This is a program that BrandX (coach Martin's affiliate and CrossFit Kids HQ) uses with great success. This will require additional resources so if there's interest let me know!!!

I also am researching and considering the addition of another of Coach Martin's programs CrossFit with a strength bias (CFSB). This is a program he has been using for 5 years or so that combines CrossFit metcons with heavy weightlifting on a regular basis. There are many people that believe that in order to increase strength they must focus on a Starting Strength type program and leave CrossFit to accomplish this focus. Coach Martin has seen many return to CrossFit with a pronounced loss of fitness as measured by decreases in benchmark workouts. This program will be for intermediate to advanced members and again if there's interest I need to know.

We also will be launching the use of Zen Planner this week. Zen Planner will provide members with the ability to sign up for classes on line, pay their dues online, review their attendance and performance online and allow us the ability to interface with our business management system. It is relatively inexpensive also which definitely helps.

Good things happening and as long as our neighbor Dick doesn't get too crazy, things are looking up.

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  1. Jared

    Very cool news Ron. I’m looking forward to the software to allow for sign ups and see progress. I’ll talk to you more about the Strength focus when I see you.