Remember When?


Remember When?

So I finished an entry, went back to change a word and loopy de loo!

As I was saying, it wasn't all that long ago when April and Sarah came to the garage and had issues with jumping on the irrigation box at 13". Well today they were jumping on the 24 and eying the stack of bumpers adjacent which is 28" tall. They jumped and:



I can also remember when the 20" was so tall for Seth:


And just a few weeks ago


These are not the only improvements but testament to all that work theirs butts off and what they can achieve.

Today was no different, Mark and his back up run of a muscle up, Ryan and his snatching ability and Zach and his improved squats. Page was here for her first workout and Brian and Brandon checking it out. It was a good day, big time effort, good times and good friends.

2 Responses

  1. Seth

    These are big improvements for us all just in a few areas. Many of us have improved in soo many other ways that only our journals may know. I really do enjoy the pictures. Thank you again Ron and Penny and Claudia and Shalene, for the time an efforts that you are putting into each and eveyone of us.

  2. Sarah

    I was wondering if you could airbrush me a little skinnier, cross fit skinnier (total body)
    On a much more serious note. I have noticed huge improvement overall. Thank you for encouraging me to keep going when i have wanted to give up!