Not really sure how many times I've named an entry this or some derivitive, but today I did some more reflecting on where CFCV has been and where we are going. This reflection comes at a time of change from old to new and small to larger.

One year ago this month, I applied to CrossFit to become an affiliate. My purpose then was intially to support the fire dept. program we had just started, but I also wanted to spread the CrossFit word to others. After moving from the garage to the first location and now the second, I believe WE have accomplished those goals. More importantly though, there are other goals that have been accomplished. I have seen the likes of Seth, Jared, Caleb, Nicole, Zach, Lisa and numerous others vastly improve their physical prowess. I have also been humbled by the feats of Dennis, Mark and Ryan. The standout of the day however is Kathy who reports that her annual physical was remarkably positive. This is where the bear gets the buckwheat. I don't necessarily believe that CFCV is directly responsible for her measurable improvement in her health, but I would like to think that we played at least a small role.

This is not the only reason for the reflection however. Reading the blog from CrossFit San Francisco and the Biz blog from Petranek Fitness in Santa Monica really brought it all home for me. If you're curious, I task you with looking for the magic words. Sure I could provide you with quotes and links, but in this instance if you really want to know where I'm coming from its up to you to do some investigating.

Following the 6 am class in the morning, its back to the FD with the next class scheduled for Friday at 9:00.

Peace Out!