Random Thoughts


Random Thoughts

Kind of running out of new ideas/material to blog about so I thought I'd just make some comments about "things".

Congrats to Maggie for finishing her foundations series, can't wait to see you in regular classes.

Despite some apprehension, Anna is doing well in her progress on Wods as are Sara and Michelle.

Kelly should be back from her honeymoon today, we'll see how the week of wedding prep and celebration affect her workout.

Yesterday's Santa Monica kettlebell workout was an eye opener for some and a great effort by all. The evening class rocked some benchmark workouts, firsts for some repeats for the others.

Getting excited about the Dutch Lowy seminar in Vegas June 6th. He has put up a couple of interesting blogs as of late which you can read Here . The one I'm referring to is the one titled "A More in Depth Look at the Mental Side of CrossFit". Enough said.

Tried to get some insight on where to start improving on our running from the CrossFit Endurance guru but was told the best place to start is by attending his cert. Which I will do as soon as the resources are available.

Looking forward to the 5 day (more or less) schedule. Just hope we can maintain it from an expense angle.

Congrats to Denny's wife Debbie who has graduated from the nursing program at WNC. She is also scheduled for an intro session today at 10:00.