Punish your Partner


Punish your Partner

Sorry for the late post… Friday at the 2:30 class Matt came in and looked at the board looked at me and said" So this is punish your partner day?" As he is clapping. His partner Will laughed"OO well I guess so….." Perfect saying… One partner rows for Cal and that # of cal is the # of burpees that other partner does. Pretty fun. Then I added to Rons workout, Cashout of 3 rds of 30 Double unders. They weren't punishing there partners enough. How is the challenge going?  Hanging in there? It's tough but just keep your mind on track. Any question or concerns just ask. Here are some picture from Jim just killing it with 29 cal the first 2 rds and 26 the 3rd rd and 29 the last. 009
Here is Marshall hating his partner Jim……011
Here is the tank tops we received friday… Pretty cute! The shirts are questionable…. We will have them soon….

"Its really pushing yourself to the limit. I think nasty is really pushing your body, yourself and your mind to the absolute limit"



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