Providence and the Rapids


Providence and the Rapids

Friday's workouts for the adults featured AOS's kettlebell program named Providence. This is 14-2 minute rounds of a mixture of kettlebell ladders and timed movements. It's certainly challenging as all of Anthony's workouts are and this one does not discriminate  body parts.

I hear alot of negative comments about kettlebells being trendy etc. but it's been my experience that folks from all levels enjoy their challenging and fun movements. Comments?????

Following the adult workouts, CVSC's Rapids team was in the house for their second CrossFit type conditioning workout. Following some agility work; Ethan, Jacob, Dane, Austin, Mason, Grant and Sean learned some of the basic CrossFit moves, box jumps, wall balls, pushups and our favorite burpees. Then they got to apply the moves in a circuit workout of 5 rounds for time. The following are the times:
Ethan     6:47
Jacob     9:41
Dane      7:50
Austin    9:35
Mason    6:55
Grant     7:02
Sean     10:01

Some pics of the action:
Crossfit 004
Crossfit 001

After the workout, the kids contested increasing height box jumps. Mason and Ethan reached the 38" level with the rest close behind.

Crossfit 012

Crossfit 013

Good job adults and Rapids!!!

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