Proud Day


Proud Day

We had one of those days where I am totally in awe of the community at CFCV. Eighteen folks showed up and worked their butts off to pay respects to two small children who had their lives shortened by a cruel disease. CFCV was one of several CrossFit affiliates from across the country to do the Bugaboo workout of 200 thrusters for time at 75# for males and 45# for females.  Here are two links that can be looked at to see the times of other affiliates and their comments here and here. I also took a few photos:



Chad's sweat angel:


And the results:


There were some folks that really rocked it!

But the pride doesn't stop there. Tonight was also the final on-ramp class. Participants repeated the 1st wod for comparison sake. They rocked it and here's the numbers:


Not only did they complete this workout which left them looking for the door on day 1, they also got to row 2k to close the deal. Great job all of you!

We have a few folks scheduled to start the next on-ramp program starting 1/4 at 6:30pm and we would like to see a good turnout for the friends/family free workout this Sunday 1/3 at 10:00. Any questions call the gym at 782-0190 or Ron at 781-7718.

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  1. Ben Abruzzo

    Thank you for supporting this cause. Your support means the world to my family and all those affected by SMA.