Programming Changes at CFCV


Programming Changes at CFCV

Following the chaotic workout last Friday and much deliberation I announced some programming changes that will be effective at CFCV. With the previous way that workouts were run, I allowed people of different levels of experience in the CrossFit and other workouts that are performed at CFCV to perform the WOD’s and tweaked and scaled them appropriately. Last Friday, it became cumbersome as there were several people with different levels of experience. If this trend was to continue, my fear is that neither the experienced not the un-experienced would get the most of the workouts due to the lack of "coaching attention".

In an effort to address my fear and to assure that each member has the most from the workouts, I have instituted a level system. I have categorized each member as either a level I or II and will require them to attend the appropriate class for their level. The class schedule is as follows:

Early morning: Level II

Noon : both levels providing number of attendees is low.

Afternoon depending on the needs.

4:00 Level I

5:00 Level II

6:00 Level I

Of course, as the needs of the members change, the classes offered will change. As in the past I will work with people’s schedules to offer classes when I am available, which when I’m off duty is pretty much all the time. The other caveat is the occasion when a potential member wants to schedule a workout. I think it is only fair to them to have the opportunity to have at least 2 sessions to get to learn the warmup and the very basic movements. After those sessions, we will come to agreement on where they fit into the program.

I have approached those available with this plan and have gotten their support. If any other members have comments or issues, let’s talk. This is about providing the best service for you and if you have better ideas I’m interested in hearing them.

Today’s workout was mixed levels due to the unveiling of the new program:

Dsc01248 This was the level I workout that April and Tiffany endured.

Dsc01247  Claudia, Caleb and Seth rocked this one. Welcome back Caleb.