President’s Day at CFCV


President’s Day at CFCV

After such a great day skiing yesterday, it was back to business training at CFCV.

It all started with the 8:00 trio of Caleb, Mike and Seth. Providence was the workout and it was the first time around this kettlebell wonder for Mike and Seth. Being and old hand at this, Caleb moved up to the 20 kg for the initial round of swings and I’m not sure he thinks that was a good idea in retrospect.

Tye workout looks like this:Dsc01182

The trio in action:Dsc01180

Seth and the Tactical Lunge:Dsc01179_2

Next it was Peggy’s turn to row 1000 meters and get her heart rate up doing ring rows, bar pushups, step up to a box with 10lb dumbbells and squats to a box.

Then it was Shalene and Claudia’s turn. The did the partner push/pull which consists of 5 rounds of pull ups, barbell thrusters, kettlebell snatches, pushups and rows.

That was it for the training and I met with potential members Jeanine and Jared. I hope I didn’t butcher her name. They’ll be back tomorrow to give it try!!