Post Your Results


Post Your Results

We made it to San Diego for the next OPT installment. Due to the classes running Saturday and Sunday, i will have limited opportunities to verify Open Scores. The way it works is each individual posts their scores on their pagee and then I get an email asking me to verify the score. In some cases it has posted without verification but it has been indicated that they are working on fixing the issue. So it may not last. I plan to respond when possible but I can't do it during class so I will check at lunch break and after class on both Sat. and Sunday. The scores must be in by Sunday at 5 as I understand and I potentially don't get out until 5 so you best get it done by Sunday noon.

We've had some good scores and some not so good scores. I take full responsibility for the bad scores due to my lack of training folks and mysellf on double unders. I'm truly sorry and I hope it doesn't set us all back too far.

Hopefully next week will play to our strengths.

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  1. Nicole Gesselman

    WWWHHHAAATTTT??? You do a GREAT job putting together our workouts. Double unders has been a challenge for alot of us. We should know what are weaknesses are, make it a goal and work on them. It is not your fault at all!!!!!! It is the individuals fault for not working on them. You said before you want people to start learning double unders thats why you x it by 100…..