Post Holiday


Post Holiday

We've wrapped up the season-almost. Tonight is the post holiday party that a few wanted to have (me included). There's lots to celebrate; end of the challenge, another year in the box, people getting stronger and good company. I hope as many current, past and future members of CFCV can make it. I know it's Tuesday, but it's the best we could do.

Speaking of the challenge, boy am I glad this one is damn near done. Honestly I believe the most positive outcome of this challenge is that folks have learned their weaknesses. Review of the food logs over such a long period shows that every one of us have "issues", that if we want to get to the next level we're going to have to conquer. Others have gym attendance consistency issues which I think will especially play out in the final workout. The silver lining is that I anticipate people to show great improvement in that workout and get a true sense of where they are so they can set some realistic, measurable and attainable goals for the future.

As a result of the challenge I will be posting another board which will track people's attendance just like the one used for the challenge. I think those numbers tell a dramatic story. While other "gyms" apparently promote low attendance, regular attendance and smart programming will provide the path to reaching goals.

To finish off the challenge I will be taking after pictures this week and will schedule the post workout for a couple of days next week.

One last topic, meant for folks that may be looking at starting with CFCV via the on-ramp beginning on January 3rd. I have heard that some folks have looked at this blog and got turned off by the "testosteroney"  feeling. Our goal is to make our family look, feel and perform better (terms stolen from our mentors). The best way I know to make that happen is to focus on the 10 elements of fitness described by CrossFit: cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power,
coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy. We use weightlifting, basic gymnastics movements, plyometrics, endurance  and bodyweight movements to accomplish these elements. The foundation element is strength and yes we do quite a bit of weightlifting movements from both power lifting and the olympic lifts and their progressions. In our experience this is not only effective but fun! Our family distribution is approximately 80% female, 20% male and honestly they all kick ass in their own right. I do want to make it clear that although anyone can do CrossFit, it and CFCV is not for everyone. If you are potentially interested, you are welcome to come by and check us out.

It was nice to have Kira in for the 9am yesterday. She is a member of CrossFit Initiative in Reno and thought she would squeeze a workout in at CFCV while she was in the neighborhood. It's nice to have visitors from other gyms that do well with movements especially lifts like the power clean. Thanks Ty!