Those that have been members of CFCV or have worked out with us I hope understand that our box is driven by passion for movement and increased performance. Yesterday in my quest to better understand stand up paddleboarding, I was fortunate to run across John Omohundro from Aviso American Made located in Minden. His company manufactures carbon fiber surfboards and standup paddleboards. I was impressed by John's passion for the sports involved with his products and his desire to continuously improve the products they manufacture. I just wanted to give John a shout out and you can visit his website here.

Over the past year or so I have realized the importance of integrating weightlifting into our program at CFCV. To reach that end, I have spent alot of time and resources in learning to train people in the different lifts as well as experiencing them myself. This has been good news for some and has lost us a few members along the way.

During the journey I have been fortunate to be coached by a number of excellent coaches and we did a workout yesterday that I know would make them all shudder, but we did it none the less with full knowledge of their dis-approval. The workout is the benchmark Grace, but we performed it with full cleans instead of the "proper" version of ground to overhead anyway. The proper way to perform Grace has long been an argument in the CrossFit community and I get that, I also have all of the relevant posts from the message boards and fully understand both sides of the argument. So here's the kicker, I believe as many of the folks I admire that it should be done both ways or better yet, do Grace with full cleans and do some other high rep workout from the floor overhead such as ___number of pounds from the ground overhead with some other movement such as rowing, as a team workout. The bottom line is this; I am passionate about CFCV, it's members and what we are trying to accomplish based on short and long term goals, and I want members to come and do our workouts the way they are designed with appropriate scaling as needed. I am OK with some variance in movement some of the time for example American swings as opposed to Russian swings. Again I understand both sides of the argument and have a preference for Russian swings. Enough said…….

Grace-ful results

Wayne       115#    10:55

Denny        135#    5:33

Cindy        53#    11:31

Anna        49#    14:15

Mark        135#    3:02

Michelle V.        49#    6:48

Tami        53#     7:19

Lisa        53#    6:13

Jessica        41#    7:07

Ashley        34#    8:24

Carrie        63#    4:59

Nicole H.     83#    3:18 (classic)

Jim        135#    8:03

Nicole D.        83#    8:44

Ron        115#    6:38

We had a meeting of interested folks concerning the barbell club last night. We will start with 2 nights per week until we figure out details. Our first night will be next Wednesday at 6:30. We'll see whre it goes from there.

Don't forget friends and family free workout this Saturday and Sunday at 10:00.

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  1. Constantly varied baby! I’ve got no problem with that. No need to explain your reasons. You’re my coach……and I got a WAY better workout with your version yesterday. Keep it up!