Part Deux


Part Deux

For those that were in the house yesterday and got some Chelsea, today was an 800m run, CF warmup, thrusters and deadlifts. Carrie M, Lola, Brad and Buffy gave Chelsea thir best shot. Congrats to to Carrie M for finishing all 30 rounds in the alotted minute.

There are some that question why I don't harp on perfect form in pullups, push ups and squats during workouts like these. On a daily basis I am after everyone about form and they know when they're doing it right vs getting sloppy. It's been my experience that harping during timed grueling benchmarks makes people stop prematurely. Sure I'd like to see perfect squats, push ups and pull ups but in the 20th round of Chelsea people aren't listening anyway. Good job everyone! This has been a pretty tough week.

Some pics from yesterday:




Hey folks, hands up, butts back and down.

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