On Ramp


On Ramp

This evening was CFCV's first on-ramp class and was attended by 7 folks; Nicolette, Brenda, Barty, Sue, John, Andrew and Kathleen. All were introduced to our program and hopefully their first day was a pleasant one, or kind of pleasant. They worked hard to be sure and I am certain all will do well. Tomorrow another member will be starting, Dave. He had other business to tend to and although it is very important to attend every session, we will work with people within reason. Unfortunately I spaced getting a picture but we'll catch one when everybody is there.

Attendance levels were down and have been for the last couple of weeks. Generally, this sucks but the bright side is it gives us an opportunity to work on special "projects" like CrossFit totals. Today we did this afternoon and both Carrie and Buffy increased their totals by 75 lbs since their last effort. True its been awhile but 75 lbs! This brings Carrie's total to 504lbs and Buffy's to 474. Nice work, god I love strong girls.

Tomorrow night we will run CF Kids and the On-Ramp simultaneously. And for whomever is game, maybe a little CrossFit Dodgeball to finish the night off???

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