On People’s Radar


On People’s Radar

When we first moved form the garage to the box, I was really worried about whether we would generate enough clients to make the bills. We’re still not out of the woods by any stretch but what is encouraging is the amount of people that have come in to check us out. Thanks to Shalene and a visit to a local practitioner, Scott and Syienna (I hope that’s spelled at least somewhat right) were in for an introduction. I think they’ll be back. Darrin has been in twice this week and says he’ll be back when he figures out his schedule. Then there’s the other newcomers Amy, Karen, Kendall, Betsy, Ryan, Bridgett and Penny that have a few workouts under their belt. There was one other that really didn’t like what we have to offer which is understandable as what we do isn’t for everyone. Bottom line is the growth in encouraging and is the result of everyone of the members of CFCV.

On a separate note, Jared was back today for his first workout since his vacation. He was welcomed with an easy workout (NOT), the venerable deck of cards. Here are some pics:


Isabella was the card shark for the 4:00 group. Kendall, Rachael and Nicole doing their push ups.

DSC01465  April and Jared doing KB snatches and Amy and Karen doing swings.


Yeah Burpees!

DSC01469  Burpees at 5:15 or slightly thereafter.


And more….

4 Responses

  1. Nicole

    That was a ass kicker, loved it!!! Thanks Ron ur awesome!! Shalene it was good to see you. Hope u recover fast!!

  2. Seth Blackford

    I agree that it was tough. But I think it had more to do with the beer and pizza lunch. That 4 o clock group was big and they sure made it warm in there.
    Shalene, I sure am sore from that wheel. It’s gonna take some time to build those muscles.

  3. Shalene

    Great job with the wheel. That planche is going to be a challenge. We don’t want you getting bored.
    Thanks! It is nice be in the gym. Someday I will even be able to workout again. I don’t look forward to starting over again. You guys will have to encourage me.