October 7th


October 7th

The Tough Mudder is quickly approaching and we wish all of you competing the best of luck and most of all, have a blast.

I have decidied against having a booth at the Education Foundation 5K/10K run this Sunday.We donated an on-ramp certificate for them to raffle, that'll  be our contribution to the cause. The return on investment of sitting at a booth all day just doesn't seem to be there. After the Douglas County Employees Health Fair we have only had one person inquire. That's Mary who was giving free massages at the fair and who I've known for years. She has been coming to classes steadily since, but she is the only taker.

Seems Sunday will be the last nice day of the year so is anyone up for paddleboarding at Tahoe? Let me know.

The next on ramp begins on Monday the 11th at 6:30 pm. The numbers are few so pass around the information please!

My daughter sent me an excellent article on the concept of food communitites. I will print it and it will be available at the gym. It's kind of lengthy but if only we could pull off the concept in the Carson Valley it would be great I can also e-mail it to you if you like.

Read an excellent post by Freddy on the One World CrossFit blog about burpees. I practiced his burpee concept on today's workout. Gotta say I like them better! You can view the post here.