October 2nd 2008


October 2nd 2008

No catchy title. Although working for the fire dept. is probably one of the coolest jobs around, I still can't wait until I get off and am able to be back at CFCV. I continue to be impressed with ya'll and your efforts. Todays' effort was:


If you look closely, there are a couple of names from the past that have returned. Mike R. and Carrie. Both have been on hiatus for their reasons but its good to have them back. Although the board doesn't reflect it, Shalene is working on a sensible return to workouts as well. Kathy, Dale and Penny did their version and worked their asses off too! Bottom line is although the new schedule is tough on us all, we'll get through it.

Good news is, the key to the new building was made available. There's lots of prep to be accomplished before the actual move but it looks like its inevitable. This wasn't all that long ago, remember?